My work is driven by the exploration of materials, pushing the limits of paint and medium.  Thinking in terms of abstraction, I build layers of color and texture often scraping through those layers to reveal hidden elements below.  Transparent and opaque colors are used to create organic movement of light and shadow.  I approach each painting without boundaries allowing the work to develop as an uninhibited journey of resolution for color, texture and light.

As an artist and interior designer I work with color and texture every day. Often balancing many design projects with many painting projects.  Design projects influence and inspire painting subjects and paint influence design project.  Having the good fortune of being exposed to beautiful fabrics and furnishings is always present in my thought process when the brush hits the canvas.  As a designer I work with natural light as well as manmade light.  My paintings convey light and texture in various ways.  Working with metal leaf, polymers and resins results in unexpected relationships between light, texture and reality. 

Inspiration comes in many forms for me.  The way the light reflects off the ice covered bay or the dew of a rose petal creates images that must be expressed on canvas.  My abstract expression of these images are meant to provoke the viewer in some way.  I approach the canvas with abandon and in most cases develop the painting without sketching or using photographs.  I let the medium take me where it will, a colorful journey with no boundaries.